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Stephanie Zimbalist Biography

bio_zimbalist1Stephanie Zimbalist is born on October the 8th, 1956 in  New York City. She comes from a family of artists: her grand-father, Efrem Zimbalist Sr, was a famous violonist; her grand-mother, Alma Gluck, was an opera singer; and her father, Efrem Zimbalist Jr, was an actor (he played in Maverick, Remington Steele, Zorro...).  She has a half-brother, Efrem Zimbalist III, and a half-sister, Nancy Zimbalist. Stephanie grew up in the family ranch of Encinon, California. She was a real tomboy when she was young, and she practiced a lot of sports (swimming, riding, playing tennis, dance, diving...). That’s why she has an athletic graceful figure! Stephanie was sent in various private schools before entering the famous Stanford University where she graduated in Science. Then she entered the Julliard School where she learnt acting, dancing, doing tap and singing. Her carrier started on stage: she played The Tempest, from Shakespeare, with Anthony Hopkins, as well as The Awakening with Charlton Eston. She was offered several roles in TV series but refused them everytime... until the producers of Remington Steele convinced her to become Laura Holt, a female private detective. She played the role from 1982 to 1987 with her co-star Pierce Brosnan. During the filming of the 4th season, the producers of Robocop offered her the role of Anne Lewis, but as she was under contract for Remington Steele this role was finally given to Nancy Allen. After the end of the TV series, Zimbalist appeared in various movies on the big screen (Love on the Run with Alec Baldwin and The Prophet’s Game with Dennis Hopper) and on television (Caroline in1990 which won an Emmy Award, Nash Bridges, Family Law, and in an episode of the series Touched by an Angel that was a hit in term of audience). She also taped some audio books. But Zimbalist essentially focused her carrier on theatre (musical My One and Only, Sylvia). Her discretion in the media and her carrier choices resulted in the fact that she is mostly known in the United States and theatre industry, but she is an actress of great talent, as gifted as her ex-partner in Remington Steele, Pierce Brosnan. 

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Young Stephanie

Stephanie and father, Efrem Zimbalist Jr

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