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Brad Kern

kernBrad Kern is a writer, director and producer for the television industry. He originally graduated in marketing and economics, but after winning about 20 awards in film festivals for a student movie he made, he decided to become a movie writer. His carrier started in 1981 when he wrote a script for the series Hill Street Blues. In 1984, he joined the Remington Steele's crew (see interview below) and quitted in 1986 at the end of the 4th season. Then he worked on The Adventures of Brisco County Jr, Nash Bridges, Loïs & Clark. He now writes, produces and directs episodes for Charmed.

Here is an exerpt from an interview made in February 2006. Brad Kern talks about how he started to work on Remington Steele.

"Let's jump back to the start for a second. How did you get involved in TV? How did you break into television.

I wrote and produced and directed the Steven Spielberg-like student film, sold everything I had, went broke, won 22 international film festivals, amateur film festivals, and thought at 21 years old that I was ready to have someone give me a feature to direct, and when reality hit me in the face I couldn't afford to make another student movie so I picked up a pencil and a piece of paper and I wrote a Hill Street Blues spec script which got the attention of Hill Street, and at the time MTM, which made Hill Street, and there wasn't any room on Hill Street so they sent my script over to Remington Steele, and they hired me. I got the job even though I hadn't seen Remington Steele before I got the job... I lied. I couldn't pay my gas bill, so I had to get a job - I sold everything, I was broke and they said, "So, what do you think of Remington Steele?" I said, "I love it!" So that's how I got into it, kind of backed into it. I wanted to be a film-maker and became a writer, and then I realized quickly in television if you can write you can actually become a film-maker, more-so than in the film world. As I worked my way up the ranks I was able to produce, and then I was able to direct, and right now I'm just doing more expensive versions of what I started off to do in film school."

To read the whole interview (mainly about Charmed), click here.

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