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He said... (part 2)

pierce_brosnan01About playing Remington Steele:

"I'm aware of American television, and felt if I tried to do a great characterization of him, I might fall flat on my face. So I went in and kind of put myself in a humorous situation, and tried to find the twinkle within the character. There's a depth to him now, much more this season, but he's quite close to me; yes, he's close to me. I'd lie if I said otherwise, if I said that I did an in-depth study of the character. He's very close to home. I could get into some sticky water talking about this." (Playgril, February 1984)

About handling RS character throughout his carrier:

"I do have to remind people that when I did 'Remington Steele' I knew I was going to have to get myself out from a rock at the end of it because of the image it had created of me. Up until 'Remington Steele' I'd done a lot of theatre and was seen as an actor. But 'Remington' locked me inside that mould of being just a sex-symbol, and people in general often don't see beyond that so it has, to a degree, mitigated against my being accepted as an actor, certainly. But that just makes me want to work harder to remind them of what, and who I am." (Hot Press, July 1992)

About being inspired by Cary Grant to play Remington Steele:

"Cary Grant invented himself and I've done a bit of that. But I never saw myself as a debonair leading man-I always saw myself as this hesitant actor. I did look at old Cary Grant movies to prepare for "Remington Steele." If I have half the career that Cary Grant had, I'd be quite happy." (Movieline, November 1995)

About the animosity between Zimbalist and him:

"There was never an open animosity between us, it was never a set like "Moonlighting," where Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd were at each other's throats, if you believe everything you read." (Movieline, November 1995)

About being refused the opportunity to be James Bond in 1986:

"I was pissed off. I was extremely angry. I had wanted to move on from Remington Steele after the first season but I had signed a contract, and I think that once you commit to something and say you want to do it you see it through to the end. There wasn’t much point in stamping my feet and saying, ‘I’m gonna dishonor this project.’ It gave me a career in America and a wonderful lifestyle and schooling for my children and a home and it was a wonderful education as an actor to work constantly in front of the cameras." (Irish America, June 1997)

About hesitating to accept the role of Remington Steele:

"I had no idea how to play that character. I was so heavy-handed in rehearsals. Then my late wife said, 'Be yourself. Have fun.' And once I did, that was it. I became Remington Steele, and that was very enjoyable." (Biography, November 1997)

Sources : Pierce Brosnan Files

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