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Steele Trying

golden_gate1Here is a new music video from Steele Trying. The original episode, that takes place in San Francisco, contains various scenes with Tony Bennett's songs but unfortunately the DVD version does not include all of them. This clip has been made with the song "Isn't it Romantic". Right click and "save as":

High Resolution (19,2 Mo)

Low Resolution (8,6 Mo)

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    Production Order Question

    I just discovered your site and am very impressed. I have a question about the order in which episodes were produced. Of course they were not filmed in the order they aired, but the production codes at the end of the shows are mysterious too. There are numerous gaps in the sequences every season. Furthermore, there are some real oddities, as in Part 2 of "The Steele That Wouldn't Die" being numbered after "Steele Hanging In There" even though both parts of Wouldn't Die were filmed in Mexico. Hard to believe they left, filmed another two-part show and then went back. Similarly, "Steele At It" appears to be followed by "Steele in the Chips". Left France, back to LA and then over to Ireland and Malta? Hard to believe. Any clue as to how these were numbered and if they really reflect the production order?

    Posted byNorman Keyes, 06-02-2006 à 01:38 PM
  • Hi Norman (A Norman Keyes on my site ? Risky... ),

    I don't know the right order of the episodes. All I can do is giving you an estimated order for season 2 episodes posted by a member of the Pierce Brosnan Files Forum ( The order is based on the length of Pierce's hair :

    "Steele at It"
    "Lofty Steele"
    "Breath of Steele"
    "Maltese Steele"
    "2nd Base Steele"
    "Steele in the Chips"
    "Gourmet Steele"
    "Let's Steele a Plot"
    "Puzzled Steele"
    "Stronger Than Steele"
    "Pocketful of Steele"
    "Steele Your Heart Away"
    "Have I Got a Steele for You"
    "Cast in Steele"
    "Blue Blooded Steele"
    "Springtime for Steele"
    "Diced Steele"
    "Steele in the Family"
    "Now You Steele It, Now You Don't"
    "Illustrated Steele"
    "Steele Trying"
    "Steele of Approval"

    Posted bySparadra, 06-04-2006 à 02:38 PM
  • Hey,

    Can ypu told my why the music video dosn´t go?
    I wanted to "save it" and after the download there stand that itt doesn´t go?

    Can you help me?

    (sorry, for the very bad englisch, but it life in Germany and there we only learn 3 years Englisch)

    Posted byKatrin, 07-02-2006 à 03:47 PM
  • I don't know why it doesn't work with you. I've just tried to redownload and read it and there's no problem. Did you unzip the file before trying to read it? If not, download and install an unzip software (like this one: ), then unzip the file and read it with a video player that supports wmv format (like VLC Player: ) I hope it will work.

    Posted bySparadra, 07-02-2006 à 08:09 PM

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