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Talking Television With Dave White

On August the 15th, Judith Moose - who's currently writing a guide on Remington Steele - was the guest of a radio show along with Michael Gleason and Doris Roberts. You can download the show by clicking on the following link (right click and "save as"): (10,6 Mo)
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Region 2 DVDs

Good news: After Sweden, France will be the second EU country to release Remington Steele's region 2 DVDs. It's about time!Source : DVD sériesThanks Laura!
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Book Progress and Radio Show

As I mentioned it in a previous update, Judith Moose is writing a guide on Remington Steele entitled "Steele Loved After All These Years". She's doing a wonderful job and always keep us informed of her progress on the SteeleWatchers group.She met Michael Gleason and Doris Roberts this week, and she'll meet Stephanie Zimbalist on Sunday to discuss the book.Here is a small summary Judith posted on SteeleWatchers about her lunch with Doris and Michael: "Debbi and I... [Lire la suite]
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Actors Studio - Pierce talks about Remington Steele

You can download the whole part when Pierce talks about Remington Steele in "Inside the Actors Studio". The show was aired on November 17th, 2002. The video is in English with French subtitles. Right click and "save as": Inside the Actors StudioThanks Maki!
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