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Steele Loved...

Some news about Judith's book! Read the message she sent on PBF and SteeleWatchers:

"It is my great, glorious pleasure to share one last tidbit with you as we begin the New Year… On January 8th, I will be winging my way to Purgatory (literally) and while I’m headed to a little town between two towns named Heaven and Hell in Michigan (with exactly 666 miles between them roundtrip), a CD containing the manuscript of “Steele Loved” will be winging its way to the printers. Assuming that they can manage to do their jobs correctly (and this would be a first for them), “Steele Loved” will live up to its name and be delivered on Valentine’s Day. Keep your fingers crossed!!!"

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    Laura's hair

    Question for RS buffs. In season 1, there are pictures of Laura with bangs, but in my watching of season 1 episodes, she does not have bangs. Where are these/this episode where Laura has dark hair and bangs??

    Posted byBrigatti, 01-21-2007 à 10:06 PM
  • Season 5

    Posted bytrailgrrl, 02-13-2007 à 09:17 PM
  • Book

    Nice web site! I have a question for anyone out there. I see this "Steele Loved..." book for sale out there. Has anyone actually bought it? I've only heard about it being on sale, and never about someone receiving it and commenting on it...
    Just wondering.

    Posted byTanya, 03-13-2007 à 11:12 AM

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