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Region 2 DVDs

The French release of Remington Steele's season 1 has been canceled. I don't know if another release date has been planned...

But British fans will be happy to learn that season 1 will be released in the UK on the 12th of March. Lucky you! Pre-order season 1 on amazon now!

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    French version

    News from France : We still wait for the French version of Remington STEELE. I saw the package in january 2007 in a shop to pre-order the season 1. Perhaps it has been cancelled because in France, they used the name of James Bond on the packaging : "Avant d'être James Bond, il était Remington Steele" : Before James Bond, he was R.STEELE. It's my opinion.

    Posted bylaulette, 03-18-2007 à 08:40 AM
  • Do you know when season 2-5 of Remington Steele will be released? (Region 2 dvds Imean in the uk)

    Posted byAsma, 07-18-2007 à 03:17 PM

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