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Old Article From The Chicago Tribune

The article below comes from the Chicago Tribune. It was published in February 1986 when Remington Steele was in the middle of the fourth season. It's about couples in TV series. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SEXUAL TENSION TEASES STARS AND VIEWERS By Noel Holston, Orlando Sentinel Sunday February 9, 1986 Private eye Laura Holt said it in the final scene of the first "Remington Steele" episode, and it can... [Lire la suite]
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Old Article From The New York Times

Here is a 1986 article from The New York Times. It deals with the revival of Remington Steele for a 5th season to be aired from September 2006 while the show was cancelled in May of the same year.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------'REMINGTON STEELE' GETS REPRIEVE By STEPHEN FARBER, SPECIAL TO THE NEW YORK TIMES Published: July 24, 1986 ''Usually a cancellation is the final word,'' said Michael Gleason, the executive ... [Lire la suite]
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