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New Music Video

No Remington Steele this time... I've made a new music video dedicated to the wonderful movie "Grey Owl" featuring Pierce Brosnan. Go to these pages to download it:Medium resolutionHigh resolution
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Artist of the year

Laura has a new hobby. She made 3 wonderful music videos (right click and "save as"). May she keep up the good work in 2007! You can't hurry love Le bonheur est chose légère (with a song performed by Alma Gluck, Stephanie Zimbalist's grandmother) Through the years HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL STEELE FANS!!
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Steele Here

I'm back after several weeks of absence but here's my apology. Right click and "save as" (temporary links) :Steele Here - Low Resolution - High Resolution
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Talking Television With Dave White

On August the 15th, Judith Moose - who's currently writing a guide on Remington Steele - was the guest of a radio show along with Michael Gleason and Doris Roberts. You can download the show by clicking on the following link (right click and "save as"): (10,6 Mo)
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Actors Studio - Pierce talks about Remington Steele

You can download the whole part when Pierce talks about Remington Steele in "Inside the Actors Studio". The show was aired on November 17th, 2002. The video is in English with French subtitles. Right click and "save as": Inside the Actors StudioThanks Maki!
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Some videos

Here's a list of videos from Youtube : - Season 1 intro : click here - Clip from Vintage Steele : click here - Clip from Hounded Steele : click here - Clip from Steele Crazy After All These Years (Sharon Stone's scene) in Spanish : click here
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Steele Trying

Here is a new music video from Steele Trying. The original episode, that takes place in San Francisco, contains various scenes with Tony Bennett's songs but unfortunately the DVD version does not include all of them. This clip has been made with the song "Isn't it Romantic". Right click and "save as": High Resolution (19,2 Mo) Low Resolution (8,6 Mo)
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Woman of Steele

Here is a new music video from the episode Woman of Steele. Cassandra Harris was Anna Simpson, the dangerous manipulative woman from Remington's past. In my opinion, this episode is among the best! Rigth click and "save as": High Resolution (10,1 Mo) Low Resolution (4,7 Mo)
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New Music Video

Here is a new music video made with funny scenes from seasons 1 & 2. Right click and "save as": video
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Today's topic has nothing to do with Remington Steele. I've made a music video from Brosnan's movie Evelyn, which was released in 2002. I watched it last week for the very first time and I highly enjoyed it. Right click and "save as": download.Read Amazon's synopsys:Desmond Doyle is devastated when his wife abandons their family on the day after Christmas. His unemployment and the fact that there is no woman in the house to care for the children, Evelyn, Noel and Brendan, make it clear to the authorities that his is... [Lire la suite]
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