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For your eyes only II

I've made a new music video from season 1's sequences. Right click and "save as": Video
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Inside the Actors Studio

This is a sequence from the tv show Inside the Actors Studio presented by James Lipton. Pierce Brosnan was invited on November 2002. He talks about the first James Bond offer in 1986 that he had to refuse to film the 5th season of Remington Steele. There is a bit of frustration in his words as he missed the role because of only few episodes. But he finally got the role in 1994!Right click and "save as": Actors Studio (WMV file - 2.5 Mo)
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Steele Themes

Here are three versions of the Remington Steele's main theme. Due to my bad memory and a lack of raw material I cannot say which seasons the first two themes are related to... The third one is an amazing long version. Right click and "save as" : Theme 1 Theme 2Theme 3
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For your eyes only

This is my first RS music video, entirely dedicated to season 2. Enjoy! Right click and "save as" (10,5 Mo):Clip
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