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Inside the Actors Studio

This is a sequence from the tv show Inside the Actors Studio presented by James Lipton. Pierce Brosnan was invited on November 2002. He talks about the first James Bond offer in 1986 that he had to refuse to film the 5th season of Remington Steele. There is a bit of frustration in his words as he missed the role because of only few episodes. But he finally got the role in 1994!Right click and "save as": Actors Studio (WMV file - 2.5 Mo)
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Stephanie Zimbalist Biography

Stephanie Zimbalist is born on October the 8th, 1956 in  New York City. She comes from a family of artists: her grand-father, Efrem Zimbalist Sr, was a famous violonist; her grand-mother, Alma Gluck, was an opera singer; and her father, Efrem Zimbalist Jr, was an actor (he played in Maverick, Remington Steele, Zorro...).  She has a half-brother, Efrem Zimbalist III, and a half-sister, Nancy Zimbalist. Stephanie grew up in the family ranch of Encinon, California. She was a real tomboy when she was young, and she ... [Lire la suite]
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Pierce Brosnan Biography

Pierce Brosnan was born in 1953 in Navan, Irland, where he lived until he was 11 years old. Pierce’s youth was quite hard as his father abandoned the family while Pierce was only 1. His mother then decided to live and find a job in London. She left Pierce to his grand-parents, but both of them died when he was 6. The young boy was put in some relatives’ care and sent to a Christian school where he was beaten. Pierce was finally reunited with his mother in 1963. Now living in London, he was often mocked by his schoolmates due to... [Lire la suite]
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Steele Themes

Here are three versions of the Remington Steele's main theme. Due to my bad memory and a lack of raw material I cannot say which seasons the first two themes are related to... The third one is an amazing long version. Right click and "save as" : Theme 1 Theme 2Theme 3
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For your eyes only

This is my first RS music video, entirely dedicated to season 2. Enjoy! Right click and "save as" (10,5 Mo):Clip
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Steele pics

Photo galleries are online. Some of them come from Gettyimages and Corbis... they are awsome! If you want more, make a research on these websites and you'll find other pictures of Zimbalist and Brosnan.
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Movie Steele?

According to various websites, particularly this one, Pierce Brosnan is in talks to produce Remington Steele to the big screen. It seems that he would not participate because he considers he is too old to play the role of the famous TV detective.But I tell you: If a Remington Steele movie *without* Pierce Brosnan happens, fans will be mortified!!
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DVD release

  The first two seasons on DVDs are available in zone 1. You may have noticed that Stephanie Zimbalist doesn't appear on the first dvd box... What a shame! When the series was created, Pierce Brosnan was totally unknown while she had alreay begun her actress carrier. It is a pity that Brosnan's fame - which came later on - was only used to mercantile purposes! Fortunately, they appear side-by-side on the second season's dvd pack. Season 3's DVD release is expected on April 18th. Doris Roberts will join Brosnan and... [Lire la suite]
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Laura Holt is a Private Detective... with no clients. As people do not trust female detectives to investigate cases, she decides to invent a male boss: Remington Steele. Under the authority of a false identity and with the help of her two assistants, Murphy and Bernice, Laura's business starts to be profitable... until the day when a thrilling thief realizes the fraud. From this moment, he stops his illegal activities to embody Remington Steele. His charm and seduction work well on Laura, who is definitely not reluctant to... [Lire la suite]
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A Question of Steele

Welcome to this blog which is entirely dedicated to the TV series Remington Steele. I am a French fan and I discovered the series about 10 years ago. After the ultimate episode, the show totally disappeared from French channels and I progressively started to forget how fond I was of Remington Steele. But some weeks ago,  I realized that it was aired again on the cable and my born-again interest led me to buy the first two seasons DVDs. The series is now 20 years old or so, the way to dress is a bit outdated but the series... [Lire la suite]
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