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He said... (part 2)

About playing Remington Steele: "I'm aware of American television, and felt if I tried to do a great characterization of him, I might fall flat on my face. So I went in and kind of put myself in a humorous situation, and tried to find the twinkle within the character. There's a depth to him now, much more this season, but he's quite close to me; yes, he's close to me. I'd lie if I said otherwise, if I said that I did an in-depth study of the character. He's very close to home. I could get into some sticky water talking... [Lire la suite]
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He said... (part 1)

About filming Remington Steele in Ireland: "It was quite an emotional experience. The show is very popular there. I took my mother and stepfather with me as a treat, and they were quite impressed by all the fuss. Until then, I don't think they'd taken what I do very seriously." (Los Angeles Times, April 9, 1984)About starting his carrier in America with Remington Steele: "I came to California dreaming of working with Martin Scorsese, of working with the down-and-dirty experimental types, but they gave me Remington... [Lire la suite]
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She said...

About Pierce Brosnan being more famous than she was:"I am not sure we used that word [jealousy]. We were sitting in the back of a limousine waiting for a shot, and we had a long talk about our insecurities. We acknowledged that we've both had them about each other and we needed to talk about it. It was a good talk. He is charming and funny to work with. He's a very good actor and I realize, in the end, if he does marketing and he promotes himself, then it's really for my good and we really are each other's pal. We are not... [Lire la suite]
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