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Short update

You may have noticed that the release of the book "Steele Loved After All These Years" has been delayed. Although I don't have any releasing date to announce here, the wait should come to an end soon (probably in June).

I also want to let you know that this site has nothing to do with the book nor its author. The fact that there hasn't been any update here is not related to the delay of the releasing date! If you want to check updates or ask questions regarding the book, you can visit this page:

Thanks for your comprehension!

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  • "Steele Loved" Update

    "Steele Loved" Update
    All of the books along with their extras will be going out on August 1st. Those of you who ordered copies directly from me will be receiving an e-mail at the end of the month giving you a delivery tracking number for DHL Courier Service. Everyone should be receiving their copies within a day or two of each other depending on whether you live in the United States or if the shipment is an International delivery.

    For those of you who aren't aware, I sold my publishing company in February to Bear Manor Media. This included the rights to the paperback version of "Steele Loved". Bear Manor will be releasing the paperback after I give the okay to let them out. I won't let them out until all of the hardcovers are in the hands of their respective owners.

    If you have any questions please contact me directly at the e-mail address listed on this post.

    Judith Moose

    Posted byJudith A. Moose, 07-15-2007 à 06:17 AM

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