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Famous Guest Stars

A large number of guest stars appeared throughout the five seasons of Remington Steele. Although they were not famous at the time, most of them made an amazing carrier on television and some even became internationaly renowed on the big screen.

Sharon Stone. She became a star in Basic Instinct but her carrier started on television. She was Jillian Montague in Remington Steele's episode Steele Crazy After All These Years (season 1).
A Martinez. Remember Cruz Castillo in Santa Barbara? He has a rich carrier on television (for instance The Streets of San Francisco, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation). He was Guy Nickerson in High Flying Steele (season 2).
Judith Light. She was Angela Bower in Who's The Boss , and played the role of Clarissa Custer in Remington Steele's Dreams of Steele (season 2).
Geena Davis
. She was Thelma in the famous movie Thelma & Louise. In Remington Steele, she played the role of Sandy Dalrymple in Steele in the Chips (season 3).
Barbara Babcock. She was Dorothy Jennings in Dr Quin, Medecine Woman. But she also played Marisa Peters in the two-parts episode Steeled With A Kiss (season 5).
Paul Reiser. He is mainly known as Paul Buchman in Mad About You, and he was Ivan Turbell in the episode A Good Night's Steele (season 1).
Daniel Davis. He was hilarious and insolent playing Niles, the butler in the TV series The Nanny. He appeared in a lot of TV films and series (Dynasty, McGyver, Columbo, The Practice, Frasier) and was a revengeful restaurant owner in Remington Steele's episode Gourmet Steele (season 3).
Jane Kaczmarek. Maybe you don't know who she is. She's now Malcolm's crazy mother in the TV series Malcolm In The Middle. And she was Barbara Troy Dannon in Altared Steele (season 2). She also featured in Hill Street Blues, The Practice and Frasier.
David Garrison. He was Steeve, Marcy's first husband, in Married With Children. But he was also  Philip Marlowe in Remington Steele's Elementary Steele (season 2).

Two other special personalities may be added to the list:

Cassandra Harris. She was Brosnan's first wife. She appeared in 3 Remington Steele's episodes: she was first Felicia in Thou Shalt Not Steele (season 1) and Steele Searching (season 4). Then she was Anna Simpson in the episode Woman of Steele (season 2).
Efrem Zimbalist Jr. He is Stephanie Zimbalist's father. He embodied Daniel Chalmers, Remington Steele's mentor, in 4 episodes: Sting of Steele (season 1), Blue Blooded Steele (season 2), Steele Searching (season 4) et Steeled With A Kiss (season 5).

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