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Steele in Progress

Steele Here meets technolgy!

- On the right, you'll find a radio with a playlist of songs that are more or less related to the series. You just have to click on the player and a new window will open, then click on the song you want to listen. I hope you'll enjoy two songs by Tony Bennett that are played in the episode Steele Trying, or three themes from the series, or maybe songs from my music videos, or even other songs that make me think to the show (try "Still Here" by the Goo Goo Dolls, it will certainly be in a next clip!). Do not hesitate to send me titles you'd like to listen on the blog.

- On the left, a small window offers you some quotes from the show. Once again, feel free to send me an email with quotes you find funny or moving, and do not forget to give the episode titles. I'd be glad to add them here!

You can contact me by clicking on the link "contact the author".

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