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Steele Here

I'm back after several weeks of absence but here's my apology. Right click and "save as" (temporary links) :

Steele Here - Low Resolution - High Resolution

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    Thank you!

    Wow ~ that video was excellent, love, well done! Brings back so many happy memories of so many good episodes!
    Awwwww...... I feel a DVD marathon coming on, LOL...

    I can't believe they're finally going to release a region 2 DVD ~ I've just bought all the region 1 boxed sets! Bah!

    Never mind. I have them: that's the important thing!

    Please keep this place going ~ there are so few decent RS sites out there!


    Posted bySouxie, 10-27-2006 à 03:33 AM
  • awesome video

    I am so delighted to find your blog! I am in love for the show..and have bought myself all the seasons now.. had watched the show in india about 10 years ago as well when we got foreign television for the first time. And loved the show..
    Your video was good fact now I have bene through your blog looking for all the videos you have..
    Keep up the good work...I am quite upset with myself for not finding this blog before.!!!

    Posted byligne, 11-12-2006 à 05:52 AM

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